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Newly available resources

Psychological model of the Gaming experience

Abstract In this article a new psychological model of the gaming experience is proposed which aims to explain what mental processes and variables influence the psychology of the gaming experience of individuals when they play computer games and how the experience...

Proposal for a Taxonomy and Anatomy Model of Computer Games

Abstract This article will be the first of a series that dives into the fundamentals of computer games and -design. In this article I explore what components are identifiable and define a computer game based on both literature and my own analysis resulting in a new...

Total War: Shogun 2 mod ‘Timing Tactical Battles’ v1.0 released and ready for download

Summary of mod Game: Total War: Shogun 2 Publisher: SEGA Type of resource: modification of unit stats File size: 18kB File type: .zip Mod type: custom .pack file Changes: reduces unit walk, run and charge speed with -33% per unit. Increases unit morale of each unit...